ASuMED is building the first fully superconducting motor prototype achieving the power densities and efficiencies needed for hybrid-electric distributed propulsion (HEDP) of future large civil aircraft. HEDP offers a route to achieve the reductions in fuel burn and emission targeted by Flightpath 2050, namely a reduction in CO2 by 75%, NOx and particulates by 90% and noise by 65% compared to 2000.

The ASuMED prototype will outperform state-of-the-art e-motors with normal conductive technologies. The project work focuses on the development of an innovative motor topology, a superconducting stator and rotor, a magnetization system as well as a light and highly efficient cryostat for the motor. In addition, novel numerical modelling methods and a new airborne cryogenic cooling system design are investigated. Further, a highly dynamic, fail-safe and robust control of superconducting machines is realized by a modular inverter topology. Final tests evaluate the technology´s benefits and allow its integration into designs for future aircraft.